Meme Competition

We’re finding the best homegrown meme at OSDFCon 2020


Here’s How to Participate

  1)  Build Your Meme
  2)  Email Your Meme to by 1PM EST.
  3)  Vote on Memes during the event breaks


The winner gets a crateload of prizes:

The winner’s wealth: OSDFCon 2020 hoodie, t-shirt, sticker, mug, purple fanny pack,
and Cyber First Responder Hero t-shirt.

The runner up’s riches: OSDFCon 2020 t-shirt

Build Your Meme

Add a caption to either:

  • One of the templates below
  • Another template, but it needs to have an OSDFCon or DFIR based caption.

In either case, they need to be clean and appropriate.

Brian Carrier Meme:

Brian Moran Meme link:

Harlan Carvey Meme link:

Sarah Edwards Meme link:

Alexis Brignoni Meme link:

Jamie Levy Meme link:

Alex Detmering Meme link:

Email Your Meme

Send your meme to by 1PM EST. It will then be evaluated by our extremely qualified panel of certified meme experts. If your meme makes it to the top 16, it will be added to the voting competition.

Vote on Memes

Once the top 16 memes have been selected, you all get to decide who takes home the big wheel of cheese.

The top 16 will be bracketed into matches, and the matches will be broadcast during the breaks. The round of 16 will take place during the second 15-minute break at 2:10 PM ET. The quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals will take place during the third 15-minute break at 3:35 PM ET.

Voting takes place on the “meme-wars-contest” channel on Discord (scroll to the bottom where it says “Games”). As each match comes up, vote on your favorite meme by giving it a thumbs up in the channel. Each match will last only about a minute, so FOCUS IS CRITICAL.

Well, that’s it!

Good luck. Fortune favors the bold.