Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

IMG_4464Successful open source projects require an ecosystem where users can learn about new tools and get involved with projects, developers can get feedback on their tools, and together they can generate new ideas. The Open Source Digital Forensics Conference (OSDFCon), an annual event that brings together developers and users within the digital forensics and incident response communities, has become an important part of the open source ecosystem in digital forensics.

OSDFCon was started in 2010 by Brian Carrier at Basis Technology, following his years of research and development on open source digital forensic projects The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy. The first OSDFCon focused on The Sleuth Kit, and included both invited speakers and times dedicated to discussion and collaboration. Those discussions led to the creation of Autopsy 3, a platform for digital forensics development which now has tens of thousands of downloads each release.

Since 2010, under Basis Technology’s sponsorship and Brian’s guidance, OSDFCon has evolved to cover all open source digital forensics efforts. To that end, its program is largely community-chosen. Anyone can submit a topic, the community votes on the abstracts, and those votes determine the OSDFCon agenda.

OSDFCon has a high number of return attendees who come each year to learn about new tools and interact with developers. Since 2013, each conference has attracted more than 400 people. The pre-conference workshops provide attendees with hands-on experience, while the post-conference Autopsy training provides in-depth exposure to the powerful open source desktop tool.

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