2012 Hackathon


Sleuth Kit Framework and Autopsy 3.0 Hackathon

On October 4, 2012 (the day after the main conference), we will host a one-day hackathon, focused on developing for The Sleuth Kit Framework and Autopsy 3.0. This hackathon will be an educational event and enable developers to write TSK and Autopsy modules.

TSK and Autopsy 3.0 now have frameworks that make it easier for developers to write forensics tools. The frameworks deal with accessing disk images and file content, enabling module developers to focus on writing code for sophisticated and creative analysis techniques. This hackathon will teach you how to write modules and allow you to ask questions to developers who have experience writing them.


The Plan

We’ll bring engineers who have developed TSK and Autopsy modules. The day will start with an overview on how to write modules. Participants will select either the The Sleuth Kit or Autopsy sessions (we can help you make that decision).

After the sessions, participants will have the rest of the day to write modules. Our engineers will be available to help you get your environment set up, design your module, and debug issues.

At the end of the day, prizes will be awarded to participants, and a grand prize will be awarded to the individual or team that wrote the best module.

Food and beverages will be provided during the day, which will close with a complimentary networking cocktail hour.


Who Should Attend?

This event is targeted towards developers (examiners and analysts who are not developers will be very bored by the event).

If you already have a forensics tool that has been released, then you should attend and integrate your tool into one of the frameworks. If you do not have a forensics tool that has been released, then you should still attend and either integrate someone else’s open source tool or you can join a team and help them win a prize.


What do I Bring?

You’ll need your own laptop to do development on that is running Microsoft Windows (native or virtually). You will also need Visual Studio 2010 Express on it. We’ll provide the rest of the libraries and get you started, but if you want to prepare so that you can hit the ground running and win the grand prize at the end of the day, then refer to the Framework Developer’s Guide. You should also bring any disk images that you want to test your module with.


How Do I Attend?

Send an e-mail to hackathon@osdfcon.org to let us know that you are interested. There is no cost to attend.