2012 Program


Time Track 1 Track 2
7:30 Registration and Breakfast
8:30 Welcome and Conference Overview
8:40 Autopsy 3.0
Brian Carrier (slides)
9:15 Analyzing Volume Shadow Snapshots (VSS) without Using Windows
Joachim Metz (slides)
9:50 Advanced Registry Forensics with Registry Decoder
Dr. Lodovico Marziale (slides)
10:25 Break
10:40 Automated Forensics with the Sleuth Kit Framework
Eamonn Saunders (slides)
11:15 Forensic Scanner
Harlan Carvey (slides)
11:50 Lunch
13:00 Cross-Drive Analysis with Bulk_Extractor and CDA Tool
Simson Garfinkel (slides)
YAFFS2 Support for The Sleuth Kit
Andrew Hoog viaForensics (slides)
13:35 Break
13:40 GRR Rapid Response
Darren Bilby (slides)
Using and Developing with Open Source Forensics Software in Digital Archives Programs
Mark Matienzo (slides)
14:15 Break
14:20 The Sleuth Kit & Apache Hadoop
Jon Stewart (slides)
RubyTSK: Ruby Bindings for The Sleuth Kit
Matthew Stephens (slides)
14:55 Break
15:00 GUCS – File Similarity Digests Based on Text Content
Clay Shields (slides)
In RAM We Trust: A Modern Approach to Forensic Processing
Vassil Roussev (slides)
15:35 Break
15:40 Sleuthing Beyond the ‘Kit: The Best Of The Rest
Cory Altheide (slides)
16:15 Discussion
16:25 Lightning Talks
17:00 Networking Cocktail Reception