2013 Autopsy Module Development Contest


Autopsy logoFor the first time, Basis Technology organized an Autopsy Module Writing Contest. Developers could write add-on modules to

Autopsy and submit them before the conference. Attendees of the conference voted and cash prizes were awarded.

First Prize

Willi Ballenthin won first prize ($1,500) with his registry analysis modules that allow you to navigate registry hives from within Autopsy. He actually made two modules that can be used independently.

Minimum version of Autopsy required: 3.0.7

License of source code: Apache 2

Second Prize

Petter Bjelland won 2nd prize ($500) with his fuzzy hash module that uses

sdhash to find files that are similar to other files. Petter donated his prize to the Red Cross to benefit victims of

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Minimum version of Autopsy required: 3.0.7

License: Apache 2.0

Video of submission (he could not attend OSDFCon):

Basis Technology will be doing the contest again next year, so start writing! Refer to the

Developer’s Guide for details. See below for the rules from this year’s contest as a guide for what to develop and the Autopsy Github page for some module ideas.


Based on the

Volatility Framework 2013 Plugin Contest

  1. The goal of this contest is to create innovative, interesting, and useful modules with Autopsy; there is no requirement to use only Java to develop your module.
  2. Modules must provide value in a forensics use case.
  3. Modules must work with Autopsy 3.0.5+
  4. The top 3 winners of the contest will receive the prizes referenced above.
  5. The module must be released as open source software by the submission deadline under one of the licenses approved by the Open Source Initiative.
  6. By submitting an entry, you declare that you have the right to license and submit the module.
  7. The contest organizers will test the module before the conference to verify that it operates as stated.
  8. You must either give a 5 minute presentation and demo at the 4th Annual Open Source Digital Forensics Conference or submit a 5 minute video. If you cannot attend the conference, the video must be submitted by October 28, 2013.
  9. In order to collect the cash prizes, winners need to provide a legal picture identification and bank account information within 30 days of notification. Bank payment transfer will be made within two weeks after winners are authenticated.
  10. Group entries are allowed; prizes will be paid to the person designated by the group.
  11. Employees of Basis Technology are not eligible.