Linux Forensics for IoT: Hello World

Ali Hadi
Champlain College

Joseph Mccormack
Champlain College

Nowadays, we are seeing a rise in IoT devices being used everywhere, and, sooner or later, we will be seeing them in digital investigations. As you may know, there are over 26 million activated devices used all around the country, and eventually, the world. With more interaction between man and computer, there will be more ways to utilize data from IoT devices to help digital forensics analysts with their endeavors. The goal behind this talk is to show that IoT devices are still systems and these systems could be investigated. Most of these IoT devices have Linux operating systems, so this talk is about how to apply Linux Forensics but this time on IoT devices.

This talk will also showcase the research done on IoT devices from a Linux Forensics viewpoint. The research entailed different types of devices ranging from smart homes (thermostats, light switches, etc) to security systems (cameras, locks, etc).

About Ali Hadi

Ali Hadi is a Senior Cybersecurity Specialist with 15+ years of industrial experience in Information Technology (IT), currently working as a full time professor and researcher for both the Computer & Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Departments at Champlain College, USA. He provides consulting in several areas of Cybersecurity including digital forensics and incident response, malware analysis, cyber threat hunting, and penetration testing. He is also an author, speaker, and freelance instructor. His research interests include digital forensics, incident response, malware analysis, and cyber threat hunting. More details could be found here:

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