2011 Program


June 14, 2011

Time Track 1 Track 2
7:30 Registration and Breakfast
8:30 Welcome and Conference Overview
8:40 Sleuth Kit and Autopsy 3 Updates
Brian Carrier, Basis Technology (slides)
9:25 Scripting with The Sleuth Kit
Jon Stewart (slides)
10:10 Break
10:30 Extending RegRipper
Harlan Carvey (slides)
11:15 bulk_extractor: A Stream-Based Forensics Tool
Simson L. Garfinkel (slides)
12:00 Lunch
13:15 File System Archaeology with comebackfat: New Approaches to Recovering Data From a FAT File System
Charlie Daly (slides)
Rapid Evidence Acquisition Project for Event Reconstruction
Pavel Gladyshev, Joshua Isaac James, Martin Benjamin Koopmans (slides)
13:55 Adventures in Disk Image Processing with Open Source Tools
Elizabeth Schweinsberg (slides)
The Gorilla Approach to Scaling and Integrating Open Source Forensic Tools: Learning from the Web
Vassil Roussev, University of New Orleans (slides)
14:35 Constructing a Stable and Verifiable Computer Forensic System
Daniel Ayers, Elementary Solutions Ltd. (slides)
ForeIndex: A Framework for Analysis and Triage of Data Forensics
Romualdo Pereira, Brazilian Space Agency and Marcelo Silva, Brazilian Federal Police (slides)
15:15 Break
15:35 Making It Rain: Examining Cloud Remnants
Cory Altheide, Google (slides)
16:20 Lightning Talks
17:00 Cocktail Reception
19:00 Finish