2014 Program


Time Track 1 Track 2
8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Welcome and Conference Overview
9:10 am Autopsy 3.1: Faster, Better, and still Free
speaker: Brian Carrier (slides)
9:45 am Supersize your Internet Timeline with Google Analytic Artifacts
speakers: Mari DeGrazia & John DuMont (slides)
10:20 am Break
10:35 am Vortessence – Automating Memory Forensics
speaker: Endre Bangerter & Beni Urech (slides)
11:10 am Challenge Results
11:40 am Lunch
12:40 pm What’s New in RegRipper
speaker: Harlan Carvey (slides)
Sceadan – Systematic Classification Engine for Advanced Data Analysis
speakers: Nicole L. Beebe & Simson Garfinkel (slides)
1:15 pm Break
1:20 pm Python Autopsy: Easier Forensics Scripting (not dead snakes)
speaker: Richard Cordovano (slides)
Live Disk Forensics on Bare Metal
speakers: Hongyi Hu & Chad Spensky (slides)
1:55 pm Break
2:00 pm A Case Study on Network Anti-Forensics
speaker: Ben Schmidt (slides)
Incident Response with STIX and Autopsy
speaker: Ann Priestman (slides)
2:35 pm Break
2:55 pm Timeline Visualization in Autopsy
speaker: Jonathan Millman (slides)
A Differential Approach to Analysis of Malware in Memory
speaker: Dr. Vico Marziale (slides)
3:30 pm Break
3:35 pm MEDS: Malware Evolution Discovery System
speaker: Antonio Cesar Vargas (slides)
Fresh Produce: How We Can Integrate Our Forensic Tools Into Great Workflows Without Crazy File Formats
speaker: William Ballenthin (slides)
4:10 pm Break
4:15 pm Next Generation Memory Forensics
speakers: The Volatility Development Team (slides)
4:50 pm Lightning Talks
5:15 pm Networking Cocktail Reception