“Tilt your head back and look up to the sky.” Tools for Cloud Examination

Daniel White

Thomas Chopitea

Track 1

The world-renowned Turbulent Airflow Alliance is back with their “cyb3r $k1lLz” and have launched a blusterous attack against Greendale Polytechnique’s new cloud infrastructure. Their motive? Airflow should never be controlled and always free. This presentation is sure to be a waft of fresh knowledge to your cloud DFIR toolkit. Greendale turns once again to a tested group of cyber specialists to weather the storm.

Attendees will get a breath of fresh air into how to handle the new complexities of cloud acquisition and investigation across multiple environments with open source tools.

About Daniel White

Daniel White is a security engineer at Google, the lead for the Plaso project and spiritual father of the Greendale scenario. He is focused on keeping people and data safe. He works on forensics, incident response and tool development.

About Thomas Chopitea