2019 Agenda

October 15, 2019

October 16, 2019

7:30 AM


9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:10 AM

Main KAPE + EZ Tools and Beyond

Eric Zimmerman (Kroll)

9:45 AM

Main The Beautiful Mind of a Timeline

Kristinn Gudjonsson (Google Inc)

Johan Berggren (Google Inc)

10:20 AM


10:35 AM

11:10 AM

Main Autopsy Module Challenge Results

Brian Carrier (Basis Technology)

11:40 AM

Main What’s Missing in Open Source?

Brian Carrier (Basis Technology)

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Track 1 Cybersecurity Zero to Hero with CyberChef

Jonathan Glass (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Track 2 Focus on Your Malware, Not Infrastructure!

Omri Segev Moyal (MalScanBot)

Autopsy Introduction to Autopsy

Brian Carrier (Basis Technology)

1:35 PM

Break (quick)

1:40 PM

Track 2 Analyzing Apps and Communications with Autopsy

Raman Arora (Basis Technology)

Daniel Smyda (Basis Technology)

Autopsy Quick Preview of Drives Using Autopsy

Ann Priestman (Basis Technology)

2:15 PM

Break (quick)

2:20 PM

Track 1 Binee: Complete Emulation of Advanced Malware

John Holowczak (Carbon Black)

Kyle Gwinnup (Carbon Black)

15 Minute Talks

Track 2 Digital Corpora: Producing the Digital Body

Simson L Garfinkel (George Mason University & US Census Bureau)

Track 2 Go-Go Gadget Smartwatch: Open Source Forensic Tools & Methodologies for Wearable Devices

Josh Brunty (Marshall University)

Nicole Odom (Marshall University)

Autopsy Writing Autopsy Python Modules

Eugene Livis (Basis Technology)

2:55 PM


3:10 PM

Track 1 Investigating Linux Endpoints

Asif Matadar (Tanium)

Track 2 Introducing the Autopsy Logical Imager

Ann Priestman (Basis Technology)

15 Minute Talks

Autopsy Deploying Open Source Tools in the Technical Exploitation Operation

Dr. Stephen Pearson (High Tech Crime Institute)

Autopsy Plug Me In Renzik, Autopsy Plugins Now And In The Future

Mark McKinnon (Davenport University)

3:45 PM

Break (quick)

3:50 PM

Track 2 Using Apple “Bug Reporting” for Forensic Purposes

Heather Mahalik (Cellebrite, FOR585)

Mattia Epifani (RealityNet System Solutions)

15 Minute Talks

Autopsy Autopsy Support for CASE (the Cyber-investigation Analysis Standard Expression)

Vik Harichandran (MITRE)

Eugene Livis (Basis Technology)

4:25 PM

Break (quick)

5:05 PM

5:30 PM

Networking Cocktail Reception

October 17, 2019