Open Source Digital Forensics Conference

OSDFCon – Open Source Digital Forensics Conference


The next OSDFCon has not yet been scheduled. Stay tuned for updated!


Investigating Ransomware 2022 Conference

After 11 years, Basis Technology is pausing OSDFCon for a year. We are going to instead focus on a new event in 2022, focused on the DFIR aspects of investigating ransomware. The conference will be very similar to OSDFCon:

  • Single day, in-person event
  • 30-minute talks
  • Focused on providing actionable information to investigators.

Check out the CyberResponderCon website for details of that event.

Virtual 2021 Event

In 2021, speakers joined from top companies such as Red Canary, Basis Technology, Volatility, KPMG, Rapid7, and FireEye.

  • Check out the agenda, which includes talks on incident response, memory forensics, event log parsing, Autopsy updates, and much more.
  • Order some swag (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
  • Sign up for webinars for the talks what couldn’t fit into the 1-day conference.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out at