2016 Agenda


Time Track 1 Track 2
8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
9:00 am Opening Remarks
9:10 am What’s New or Under Appreciated in Autopsy
speaker: Brian Carrier  (slides)
9:45 am Clearing the Fog on Cloud Forensics
speakers: Vassil Roussev & Shane McCulley  (slides)
10:20 am Break
10:35 am Autopsy as a Service – Distributed Forensic Compute that Combines Evidence Acquisition and Analysis
speakers: Dan Gonzales & Zev Winkelman  (slides)
11:10 am Autopsy Module Challenge Results
11:40 am Lunch
12:40 pm Rekall – We can remember it for you wholesale…
speaker: Michael Cohen  (slides)
Show me all of your artifact!
speakers: Matthew Seyer & David Cowen  (slides)
1:15 pm Break
1:20 pm
Timeline Analysis in Autopsy

speaker: Jonathan Millman  (slides)
AFF4: The New Standard in Forensic Image Format, and Why You Should Care
speaker: Bradley Schatz  (slides)
1:55 pm Break
2:00 pm Mozilla InvestiGator: Investigate 1,000 Endpoints in 10s
speaker: Julien Vehent  (slides)
Efficient Whole Disk Storage and Search
speaker: Stuart Maclean  (slides)
2:35 pm Break
2:50 pm Triage for Windows Systems with Autopsy
speakers: Luca Taennler & Mathias Vetsch  (slides)
C#’ening Your Forensic Tools
speaker: Eric Zimmerman  (slides)
3:25 pm Break
3:30 pm Osquery: Cross-platform, Lightweight, and Performant Host Visibility
speaker: Sereyvathana Ty  (slides)
Who Watches the Smart Watches
speaker: Brian Moran  (slides)
4:05 pm Break
4:10 pm Bringing it all together: Semiautomatic assault analysis
speakers: Daniel White, Gary Brown, Johan Berggren  (slides)
4:45 pm Lightning Talks
5:15 pm Networking Cocktail Reception