Autopsy Scoring: Finding the Relevant Data with Analysis Results

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A big theme with the Basis Technology team has been on bubbling up the relevant data in Autopsy. This year, the backend databases of Cyber Triage and Autopsy combined and the scoring features of Cyber Triage are now in Autopsy. We’re going to talk about how this helps you focus on relevant data faster.

In this talk, we’ll talk about analysis results, conclusions, scores, and combining individual scores to make an aggregate score such as “Notable” or “Likely Notable”. We’ll talk about how modules can create scores and how examiners see them. We’ll cover some other example modules and their use of scores. Scoring is an important capability when making sure examiners see the most relevant data first and we’re excited to share how we’re doing this.

Greg DiCristofaro
Basis Technology

Greg is a software engineer on the digital forensics team at Basis Technology. He holds a Masters in Software Development from Boston University and a Software Engineering Certificate from Harvard University. In his free time, he enjoys reading books with his wife and building with his 5-year-old son.

Jayaram Sreevalsan
Basis Technology

Jayaram (Jay) Sreevalsan has over 16 years of experience developing software products and tools that help users do their jobs more efficiently. He is a SANS Certified Forensics Analyst, and as the Director of Engineering, he leads the Cyber Triage product team.

He works on improving his golf game or playing soccer with his two kids in his free time. He also loves solving CTF challenges and does malware reversing for fun.