Velociraptor: Dig Deeper

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Velociraptor is fast becoming the standard DFIR tool for hunting at scale. Featuring a powerful query language called VQL, allowing for rapidly adapting to fluid DFIR intrusions, Velociraptor places unprecedented reach, flexibility and power in the hands of responders.

Unlike more traditional remote forensic tools which collect large amounts of raw data for offline processing, VQL allows defenders to perform analysis directly on the endpoint. This new approach allows defenders to collect only high value, tactical information to affect their response, and leverage current state of the art digital forensic analysis techniques into detection.

This talk will provide some examples of Velociraptor’s use in typical DFIR scenarios, such as compromise assessment, wide spread remediation and rapid response. Specifically, we examine the process of going from a detection idea, writing the VQL to detect it and then hunting a large network (10k+ hosts) to identify the compromised hosts in minutes. Finally, we illustrate how these custom detections can be elevated to real time monitoring rules (also implemented by VQL) to allow the endpoint to autonomously detect future compromises even while being offline!

Mike Cohen

Dr. Mike Cohen has over 20 years of experience in applying and developing novel incident response and digital forensics tools and techniques. He has previously worked in the Australian Department of Defence as an information security specialist, at the Australian Federal Police specializing in digital forensics, network and memory forensics, and spent 8 years in Google developing tools such as GRR and Rekall. In 2018, Mike founded the Velociraptor project, an advanced open source DFIR framework. Mike has joined Rapid7 to promote and further develop Velociraptor into a fully featured open source enterprise DFIR toolkit.